Why register with Google Street View panotour?
In simple terms, build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience
your location before they arrive.
For detail explanation, click here.

How much does the panotour service costs?
It depends on how many photospheres all together are needed in the tour.
We charge per photosphere fee. The editing and assemble/uploading fees are included
in the total cost. (The minimum no. of photosphere is 3).

Where exactly will the panotour appears?
It includes but is not limited to Google Maps, Street View, Google Earth,
Google My Business and of course, Google Search.

What is photosphere?
Photosphere is a 360 degree image which viewer can interact with the screen to see things
all around. Panotour is make up of linking different photospheres together into a route.

Does Google charge any fee for doing this?

Is “360power.ca” affiliated with Google?
No. We earned the Street View Trusted Photographer Badge from Google.

What is Trusted Photographer Badge?
It is a recognition from Google Street View and ONLY Trusted Photographers can
produce/upload panotours for businesses onto Google Map. When our work is utilized,
our clients’ SEO ranking might also receive a boost upwards in local searches.
(You can verify the Trusted Photographer List here).

Can business owners upload their own photospheres/panotour?
No. According to Google, business owners need to hire a Trusted Photographer to take the images
and upload for them.

How long it takes for the photospheres/panotour to appear after uploading?
According to Google, images typically appear on Google Map within seconds.

Who owns the photospheres/panotour?
We and our clients will enter into a written contract that specifies the terms of
the agreement, warranty, and future ownership rights.

Can business owner asks for a re-edit of the images after uploading?
All photospheres will be approved by our clients before they are uploaded to Google platform,
we do not encourage re-edit. But we’ll try to be as flexible as possible depending on the situation.

Do you provide other kind of 360 production services?
Yes, we do. Please let us know how can we help and we’ll get back to you asap.

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